Wednesday, December 2, 2009

from week 3 to week 7

for 4 weeks this is what i did.

character Design:

AND Moodboard:

oh! and i just finished 1 scene =))

doing th 2nd scene now, and soon to be done.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 17

Day 17

I have finish my doing my storyboard yesterday and had start doing The animatics. I need to finish up the animatics by this week so that next week I can show it to the association and let them give feedback on it.

So what I did today was continue on he animatics I still left 20 scene of animatics left which I think can be able to finish by this Friday hopefully.

... End

Monday, November 2, 2009

First 2 weeks


First week of FYP:

Day One:
  • briefing for FYP
Day Two:
  • One week before FYP, i had decided to adapt a story. I had sent a letter to the association and had gave them a call about this final year project and to adapt a story.
  • On the First day, I had received a call and email from the association that they approved my adaptation.
  • I'm in Alan class, we had a group discussion on our story. My group was the last one to get consultation. I had a few discussion on the storyline, in the end the outcome of the story is that the birds in the story will have to be dead in the end.
Day Three:

  • We had a schedule on when to consult Alan. My group is on Monday and Wednesday 4:30pm.
  • I started on my learning contract and show it to Alan. I had a few changes here and there.
Day Four:

  • I start on my moodboard first, because i had decided on style i'm using an i already had the picture in my mind.
Day Five:

  • Continuing on My Moodboard

Day Eight (Monday):

  • Touching up on my moodboard and Starting to do on my Character Design on the Little boy.
Day Nine:

  • Character Design on the Mother

Day 10 - 13:

  • Starting on My storyboards: